AccuTracking VTPlug® TK373 OBD-II Vehicle Tracker

It's easy to start your own GPS tracking with our VTPlug® TK373 OBD-II vehicle tracker. You just need to take the tracker out of the box, follow the included instructions to activate it online, plug the tracker into your vehicle's OBD-II port and start tracking online.

Who should buy

Those who need an easy-to-use vehicle GPS tracker for real-time online GPS tracking.

The tracker is plug-n-play and the online activation takes less than 5 minutes. The online tracking demo here shows the online map and history tracking data. You can also receive geofence or speed alert via email or SMS message.


Works on AT&T or T-Mobile network in the US. Contact us for 100+ other countries.

More questions?

See our FAQ or knowledgebase articles for more information.

Where to buy:

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