AccuTracking Installation Guide - Android Phones

  1. Install AccuTracking App
  2. Configure App
  3. Online Tracking
  4. Monitoring phones from Google Earth
  5. Troubleshooting


As a general guideline, using a phone as tracking device is not as reliable as with a dedicated GPS tracking device, because the phone is by nature a "multi-purpose" device and the apps on the phone could interfere with the tracking app, for instance, the power management, the phone settings.

1. Install AccuTracking App

Use your phone bar code reader to scan the following QR codes, or open the phone web browser and go to, then follow the screen to download and install the app.

2. Configure App

When running AccuTracking for the first time, it will ask you to enter a Tracker ID. The tracker ID is obtained from the following steps:

2.1). Go to to register (first week free trial). Then login into your account, on "Manage Units" page, click "Add a Unit" button:

  • Choose an easy to remember nickname for your phone;
  • Choose "Phone" from "Unit type" dropdown;
  • Click "Add" button.

A tracker ID will be generated for you.

2.2). Start AccuTracking on the phone, on the settings screen, enter the tracker ID just generated and press the Back key.

2.3). To access the main menu, on the AccuTracking screen, press the menu key on the phone, you will see a list of menu items. To quit AccuTracking, select "Exit".

2.4). (Only if your Android OS version > 7.0) The new Android version's "doze mode" which kills apps to save battery. You should add our app to battery optimization white list so the phone OS won't kill it in doze mode. Here's the instruction:

Your phone's menu may vary but it should be under something called "battery optimization".

2.5). Some basic operations:
- The "Hide" button will send the application to background while still running.
- "Settings" button will bring up the option screen to set the sending interval, Smart Sending preferences (see FAQ for more details).
- "Exit" will terminate the AccuTracking application.

3. Online Tracking

3.1). With the AccuTracking application running on your phone, go to an open air place and wait a few minutes until it says 'Latitude Longitude Speed Heading Altitude' and the status line shows "Sent" with a timestamp. Your position, speed and heading data has now been sent to the server and will be sent periodically.

3.2). Log into and click "Tracking". You will see the locations and history of your phone.

4. (Optional) Monitor phones from Google Earth

Please see here for how to track in Google Earth.

5. Troubleshooting

Please see our knowledgebase page for troubleshooting.

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